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A Company Dedicated to Improve Children's Health and Wellbeing

Mindful Explorers is a company dedicated to providing the foundational aspects that allow children to explore their path to better health and wellbeing through education and empowerment. Mindful Explorers is a subsidiary of Prism Vibes a company dedicated to improving the quality of life for adult through a variety of spiritual tools and practices.

No matter the environment or upbringing children have the right to a foundation that will allow them to blossom. Our MBSEL program creates a safe and positive environment within schools, communities, and within the student. Research validate that building these mindful ecosystems enhances a child’s ability for success both in and out of the classroom.

"We believe children everywhere deserve the tools they need to fully explore their own path to success."
Multicultural mindful coaches


Our Mindful Explorer Coaches

Mindful Explorer coaches are near-peer mentors for your students. Researchers support the more similar an individual feels they are to those conveying educational messages, the more likely the individual is to imitate the behavior displayed in the message. Additionally, the stronger that individual’s belief that they can accomplish, what was accomplished by the similar actor conveying the messages. Peer mentors help decrease stigma and increase knowledge of mental health issues. Additionally, the research identifies that peer mentors help to increase the likelihood of students to take action by helping peers who are struggling with mental health issues.

Meet Our Other Companies

Prism lite

Prism Lite researches metacognitive mindfulness programs, tools, resources, and training facilitation, to help children and educational institutions to build a community of resilience. 


Prism Vibes aims to serve as a vehicle for people searching for their purpose in life. We envision a world where people will engage in activities that set their souls on fire while igniting those around them to do the same.

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