Our Programs

PLC/PD Release

Our Mindful Explorer coaches take over while your teachers engage in PLC/PD time, eliminating the need for substitute teachers and lesson plans. This allows you to monitor the amount of PLC time you can offer your teachers.

Recess time

Using our MBSEL activities, our Mindful Explorer coaches, ensure your students get the most out of their playtime, allowing principals and school staff to focus on the other essential tasks of running a school.

Summer School

Our engaging programming can boost attendance at your summer school programs while keeping kids learning and active. Students love the novel experience of spending time with our college coaches, while engaging in activities and games structured using MBSEL and having fun.


Our Mindful Explorers lead fun and creative MBSEL activities that allow your student to get the most out of their after school time


In lieu of our Mindful Explorers coaches, we also offer our “train the trainer,” where we license our Mindful Adventure content and train your staff to facilitate our trauma-informed MBSEL curriculum.


Our Mindful Explorers Coaches

Our Mindful Explorers become an extension of your school communities

  • Local College and University students
  • Pass stringent background evaluation
  • Fully vetted by Mindful Explorers
  • Undergo extensive training on cultural, mindfulness, and SEL competencies
  • Diverse background representative of the school community
  • Act as student mentors
  • Provide a learning resource and teacher support
Multiracial friends group taking selfie portrait outside - Happy multi cultural people smiling at camera - Human resources, college students, friendship and community concept
The Mindful Explorer Professional Development

We help build an effective wellness team at your school. Our professional development empowers your school staff and administrators to integrate MBSEL skills and competencies into their lives and current roles. We provide various workshops and coaching sessions on integrating mindfulness techniques to promote teacher and staff wellness and boost the current student curriculum.

Although teachers are not therapists, students who are undergoing trauma or survivors often hold them in high regard and consider them in a sympathetic position to provide support. Understanding trauma-informed care can help educators make sense of this behavior and learn how the classroom or school environment may be helping or hindering certain students’ ability to learn. 

We use the WSCC Model

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

  • Use WSCC as a guiding light for the program foundation
  • Student-centered learning activities to promote health
  • Engage Parents, schools, and community to promote health while mitigating trauma
  • Evidence-based practices and theory to help children adopt more health-improving behaviors
Our Programs Benefits



N/AStrongly DisagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Decrease Emotional, Mental and Behavorial Issues
Staff Wellness Initaive
Chronic Absenteeism
Decrease Achievement Gap
Increase Academic performance